The Principles Of An Effective Web Design | An SEO’s Perspective

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A website is one of the most important things for a business, especially for the marketing team, primarily because they attempt to lead every new visitor to your website’s homepage in order to introduce them to your brand and company.

Businesses use their websites to boost sales, capture new visitors and educate potential clients. The primary objective of all business websites is to convert qualified leads into potential customers or clients.

In this article, I will walk you through some of the web design principles that all SEO experts want web design teams to take heed of.


A website design should cater all the needs of its target audience. Most visitors look for relevant information; however, some would want to interact with your business. Therefore, all the pages of a company’s website should fulfill a certain need or have a clear purpose in order to serve visitors in the best possible way.

Try Not To Make The Visitors Think Too Much

While creating a website, web design experts should look at all the alternatives, pros, cons and questions from a user’s perspective.

If the site architecture and navigation isn’t intuitive, it will result in poor user experience. It will make it difficult for them to understand the flow of the system and how they are supposed to get from one point to another.

This is where easily recognizable links, moderate visual clues and clear structure come into play. This will help new visitors find their path.

Aesthetics Are Paramount

It doesn’t matter how great your website content is, you will end up losing conversions if your company’s website lacks aesthetic charms. In order to achieve the perfect website design, web design agency Nottingham makes the perfect use of the following aesthetic elements:

  • Balance
  • Typography
  • Colours

For instance, warm tones such as yellows and pinks make the users feel more energized and excited. On the other hand, cool tones such as purples, greens and blues will make people feel more calm and tranquil.

The reason restaurants use red on their logos and branding is because it is known for making people feel hungry.

Visual Hierarchy

The concept alludes to the arrangement of elements in accordance to their importance. This can be achieved through the perfect blend of style, texture, whitespace, typography, contrast, imagery and colour.

The primary aim here should be to establish the perfect focal point. It can be used to guide the new visitors towards vital pieces of information.

Mobile Compatibility

The prevalent use of tablets and mobile phones has forced the web designers to make web designs adaptable on all sorts of devices.

If your website fails to adapt to all screen sizes, your competitors will get ahead of you. Many web design studios will allow you to make your website design adaptive and responsive.

Functionality And Usability

Functionality and usability should be the driving force behind every decision pertaining to a website’s design. In order to achieve an ultimate, easy and clear path to conversions, both technical and design issues must come into play.

All links of your website should function swiftly, and every call to action (CTA) and button should be correctly positioned. This will help the new visitors navigate easily on your website.


Effective use of grids add balance to a website. Grids consist of a series of vertical and horizontal rules that allow you to compartmentalize your website’s design.

Consider using columns as well, they can significantly improve the readability of a webpage.

Effective Writing

It is important for content writers to adjust their writing styles in accordance to the browsing habits and preferences of the target audience.

Most people are not interested in reading promotional content. Furthermore, long blocks of text without keywords and images will most likely be skipped as well.

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Andrew writes blogs for the businesses that want to boost their digital presence. He has a strong passion for writing and a deep understanding of SEO concepts.

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